This Statement of Privacy Data (hereinafter: Statement) relates to the privacy of data using the website by the user, collected and stored in databases of OD “Baklava” Sarajevo (hereinafter: Baklava).

The data collected are divided into personal and non-personal information. Baklava as a service provider of website makes every effort to protect your privacy when you are “online” as a user. To help you understand what information we collect and how we use this information you are required to carefully read this Statement.

We reserve the discretion right to change this Statement at any time, and that the revised text becomes valid immediately after the publication on the website Continuation of your use of website after amendment, means that you accept all terms of the revised Privacy. Accordingly, we advise users to periodically re-read the detailed information contained in the Declaration, and to be informed of any changes.

Personal information is information that determine the exact individual user. When using some options require certain personal information, such as name, address, email address, telephone number, etc. When using the option of ordering products we may require you to give us information about your credit card number, date of validity, authorization code and other related information. Depending on the types of options that you want to use on the website some information are identified as mandatory and some as voluntary. In case you do not make available required information for a particular option that requires them, you will not be allowed to use this option.

Personal information is used exclusively and only to offer you and deliver products, enhance functionality of, ensure implementation of administrative tasks, contact you, improve our marketing and promotional results and improve our range of products / services in the market, as well as in purpose of cooperation with the institutions responsible for law enforcement. We reserve the right to give your personal information only to the financial institution (bank) and for the sole purpose of the purchase. Baklava is not responsible for the possible use of personal information by others in any purpose other than specified, and therefore can not be not responsible for any damage.

Non-personal information is information that does not determine the exact individual user. This information, for example is the data which website have you visited before or after you visit the website, the type of browser you are using and your Internet Protocol (IP) address. This type of information can be automatically collected with help of electronic tools when you visit Non-personal information can be used without limitation to solve the problem of administering, to improve our advertising and promotional results and improve our range of products / services in the market, analyze trends, gather demographic information, analysis of compliance with the applicable laws and cooperation with institutions responsible for law enforcement.

“The administrative e-mail messages” are related to user activity on and include messages relating to certain accounts, requests or queries and messages in connection with the purchase of products / services. Receiving this email messages is mandatory and the option of receiving can not be excluded by the user.

“Promotional email messages” advertise products / services offered, such messages are sent to users who have chosen the option to receive promotional emails. In case you do not wish to receive such messages at any time after registering, you can opt out of promotional emails by sending email messages with such a request to our email or by editing notification on your profile.

You can access your personal information on the website with your password and user name or email addresses. Since password is encrypted it is not to give it to anyone. Your personal information is kept on the server which can be accessed only by authorized persons. Certain sensitive information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, so we try to ensure that your personal information is out of reach of unauthorized use.

Due to the nature of the Internet network, we can not guarantee complete protection of any information transmitted to or from the website and therefore we are not responsible for any possible harmful actions of any third party that received such confidential information without authorization and used it without authorization. Information you post in public areas of the Web site may also be available to other users and third parties, and as such can occur without your knowledge to other sites or web browsers, in which case we are not responsible for any possible damage. This Statement applies only to the use of information we collect from you as a user of Other web site which can be accessed via have their own privacy statements data. Since Baklava is not in any way responsible for the working conditions of third parties, we recommend that before starting the use of these other web sites you carefully review the privacy statement data of that website.

If you have any questions regarding data privacy, or if you want to change or update some of the information, please send us email with the necessary information to our email.

Registration / opening an account on the website considered to be the beneficiary of this Statement of Policy data completely read, understood and accepted.

Sarajevo, 26 June 2015.