With a determination to continue Bosnian-Herzegovinian tradition, we offer you authentic local desserts made to recipes which date back over 200 years. Traditional recipes were jealously guarded in family circles and passed down through the generations, as was the case with recipes in our family. In order to achieve the highest quality possible, all our desserts are 100% handmade with much love and passion by using hand stretched filo pastry and the highest quality ingredients.

We are especially proud to offer you Dzandar baklava, which we call “baklava of all baklavas”! Preparing Dzandar baklava is a process which takes at least three days, demanding much patience and skill. Written sources about its origins do not exist, but we are the third generation in our family to make this wonderful traditional dessert.

Relish our baklavas and be certain that you are tasting the unforgettable and unique taste of tradition that will take you back to our shop with every bite.