It is believed that the first baklava topped with honey was made by Assyrians, thin phyllo dough introduced by the Greeks, spices in sugar syrup added by Armenians, and brought to perfection by Turks. Where else could baklava be turned into a desert made from the finest ingredients than in the Topkapi Palace?

One thing is certain: wherever you are, when you say “baklava” everyone will understand.

baklava ducanThroughout its history, Sarajevo encountered the diverse of cultural influences that have left their mark on the Sarajevo cuisine and culinary techniques. Recipes for traditional dishes in Sarajevo were jealously kept within families and passed on through generations. Such was the case in my family, when my great-great-grandmother Zubejda-hanuma Abadzic Harba, at that time well-known “cook women”, began to transfer her skills to her offspring.

In an effort to preserve the tradition, we bring you 100% traditional, authentic, handmade Bosnia-Herzegovina baklavas, made according to the same recipe which date back over 200 years.

Characteristic of traditional Bosnian cuisine is that all dishes are patiently cooked, with a lot of love and attention, and with just basic seasoning, where the taste stems from the highest quality and natural ingredients. To achieve excellent quality, our baklavas are made from highest quality ingredients, hand stretched phyllo dough, with great dedication and love.

Baklava ducan is just a continuation of a small home production that began 12 years ago. In the beginning we cooked for our friends and to their initiative we began to cook for all those who love the original traditional dishes of Sarajevo. Over time, we focused on the preparation of traditional Sarajevo treat, especially Dzandar baklava. Preparation of this “Baklava abouve all baklavas” is a long process that lasts at least two days, which probably led to disappearance.

Treat yourself with our baklava while drinking coffe, sherbet or simply enrich your daily routine and make every day magnificent.