All transactions on website are done through one of the options:
1. A cash payment upon delivery of the order to the desired home address.
2. Payment via PikPay service for online shopping
3. Payment via PayPal with online shopping.

PikPay is the first domestic service for secure and fast internet payment and collection. O.D. “Baklava” and PikPay do not store anywhere information of your credit or debit card.

Payment on website is for safety, easier implementation and speed processing of applications limited to credit and debit MasterCard and VISA cards.
Every time you buy a particular product, the value of orders in cash shall be removed from your card.

Warranty of services in PikPay Service are ensured with high level of protection such as SSL and PCI DSS certificate in communication with the bank. 3D Secure and Verified by Visa are implemented. In all PikPay web access sites Extended Validation SSL (256-bit data encryption) is present.

PayPal is a service that allows you to pay, send and accept money without revealing your financial data. PayPal uses world-leading technology to protect your data (such as SSL) which automatically encrypts your data using SSL encryption with key lengths of 128 bits (the highest level of encryption that is commercially available). At PayPal, you choose the payment method, so you will register a PayPal user profile or pay directly by credit card or debit. O.D. “Baklava” does not store your data that you use on PayPal service, your credit or debit card. All other terms and conditions of payment as well as information about the security of your information on the PayPal service can be found at PayPal website.