Kadaif – Traditional Bosnian sweet, in Sarajevo usually made during month of Ramadan. In Bosnia we say that kadaif should be dry and moist at the same time. Be sure to try the best kadaif ever, as this is time limited offer in Baklava ducan.

Price per piece: 2.00 KM

2.50KM po kom
Sarajevska baklava
Sarajevo baklava

Carefully piled hand stretched phyllo dough with lots of walnuts and a little bit of “tirit” (tirit –  crumbs made of of flour, egg yolks and butter) for softness. Sarajevo baklava is a true festive dessert, rich and full of flavor.

Price per piece: 2.80 KM.


3.00KM po kom
Dzandar baklava orah
Dzandar baklava – walnut

Dzandar baklava walnut – The authentic traditional and unique baklava of Sarajevo, which you will find no where else in the world. We call it “Baklava above all baklavas”! It takes up to three days just to make this special dessert, and lots of love and devotion. Its taste is unique and unforgetable, and something that you will remember Sarajevo by.

Price per piece: 3.00 KM.

3.50KM po kom

It was named after a form that resembles a rose, but the taste and smell of them is more beautiful than roses. Our Ruzica is rich in nuts, and made with hand stretched phyllo as all our products.

Price per piece: 2.50 KM.

2.80KM po kom

Hurmadzik – traditional Bosnian cake, made according to old family recipes. Not hard but also not soft and mushy, just the right consistency.

Price per piece: 1.80 KM.


2.00KM po kom
Kajmak pituljice
Kaymak pituljice

Kaymak pituljice  – always fresh, simple and delicious. Filled with sweet kaymak and semolina filling wrapped as triangles of handmade phyllo dough. We are sure that it will be hard to resist them and eat only one piece.

Price per piece: 1.60 KM.


1.80KM po kom
Dzandar baklava badem
Dzandar baklava – almond

Dzandar baklava almond – “Baklava above all baklavas”, with sweet kaymak and almond filling. Authentic, handmade, unique, unforgettable.

Price per piece: 3.5 BAM

3.50KM po kom
Dzandar baklava ljesnjak
Dzandar baklava – hazelnut

For all those who love the rich taste of hazelnut that in the filling of Dzandar baklava becomes perfect. You will love all Dzandar baklava flavors, and each of them is unique and irresistible.

Price per piece: 3.50 KM.

3.50KM po kom
Secerli lokumi
Sugar lokum

Sugar lokum – traditional Bosnian dessert, usually served with coffee. There is a custom that when you travel, you take sugar lokum and eat it on your break, to rest your mind and soul. Sugar lokum is made with butter, so it melts in mouth when you eat it.

Price per piece: 0.70 KM

Minimum order quantity is package of 6 pieces.

0.80KM po kom